Student Publishing Opportunity


Student Publishing Opportunity

12th Call for Student Papers

Deadline for submission: Thursday 30th November 2023 at 4pm. No papers will be accepted after this time.

Please note: We ask the student’s tutor to act as first reviewer by reviewing and selecting only one suitable paper per institution.

The requirements for the student publications are as follows:

L4 Reflection on aspect of practice/ role of the student practitioner:  Word limit 1000-1500
L5 View or commentary on a contemporary issue: Word limit 2000 – 2500
L6 Report on leading practice underpinned by research:  Word limit 3000 – 3500
L7 Report on author’s recent or current research findings: Word limit 4000 - 4500

Criteria for selection:

Relevance of topic or theme in the context of Early Childhood Studies
Use of appropriate sources from literature
Satisfactory quality of academic writing.
For M level submission the work must be based on a small piece of original research (documentary evidence or original data). The submission must include a brief justification of research methodology used.
Programme Leaders must confirm with the selection committee that they have approved the submission by signing the application and sending the submission from their university email account.

Guidance for submitting papers

We would be grateful for your support in the following ways:

Ensure the student completes the submission front sheet accurately (see below) and pastes it into the start of their paper.
Send as a Word doc (not pdf) to  ‘ECSDN Nov_2023 call for student papers’ in the subject bar
Ensure the file is saved as Surname_Initial_Institution (ie Josephidou_J_OU)
Ensure the paper has a title that reflects its contents.
If their paper is based on students’ own research, they must address ethical consideration.