Student Publications: February 2021

We are proud to offer you a Showcase of ECS Students Work submitted for publication in our February 2021 Call for Papers

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Revised - Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson:
Improving young children’s language development

"My name is Alexandra Wilson and I am currently in my second year of an Early Years Education and Care degree. My passion for wanting to make a difference to children’s lives began when I had two children of my own and realised just how precious childhood is. Throughout this course I have gained knowledge and experience and continue to further my understanding of child development. Although I am unsure of my exact path, I am excited to keep learning and use my skills to support children and families going forward."

Charlotte Allison:
International Perspectives of Outdoor Play: what are practitioner perspectives on early years outdoor play and Forest School provision in the UK, Canada and New Zealand? 

"I studied BA (Hons) Education and Early Childhood Studies from 2015-2018, during which I had the opportunity to undertake Level 1 Forest School Training. As a result, I became increasingly interested in the outdoor environment. In my third year I conducted my Dissertation research project, investigating outdoor play in England and the Forest School approach. Wanting to expand knowledge further, in 2019 I began MA (Hons) Education and Early Childhood and conducted another research project on outdoor play, this time looking at global approaches of early childhood education, this paper is an extract of that investigation."

Revised - Charlotte Allison
Revised - Cheryl Evans

Cheryl Anne Evans:
Improving young children’s language development

"I have worked with children for over 20 years. After gaining the NNEB diploma, I worked as a nanny. Whilst living in London, I worked for a nursery nurse agency, giving me a lot of experience in various schools and nurseries in a culturally diverse city with disadvantaged and privileged backgrounds. During the last decade, I have co-managed an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rated preschool and I am currently managing a playgroup. In addition, I am in my last year studying BA Early Years Education and Care at University of Wales Trinity Saint David."

Claire Walsh:
Covid 19 - Safeguarding within Early Years Practice

"I’m an enthusiast of all things Early Years and Forest School, specifically the intra-action between adults and children across human:more-than-human boundaries. Currently I’m taking time away from practice to research our intra-action with the EYFS and how it informs practice."

Revised - Claire Walsh
Revised - Jade Hicks

Jade Hicks:
Improving young children’s language development

"My name is Jade Hicks and I am studying Early Years Education and Care at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. I am 26, a mother and I am studying now to further my career opportunities now that my boys are all in school. As a mother this course has massively opened my eyes to what happens in the life of a child and I hope to use this knowledge not only in my personal life but after studying in my professional career too."

Kate Smith:
Ethical vegan educators: holding a vegan belief system in a non-vegan school culture

"I am an early years educator and co-learner, as well as a vegan, an environmentalist, a mum and my setting’s resident bug-lady. I work to support sustainable and ecologically literate behaviours in early years education and beyond. I believe in de-centring the human in educational practices in order to embrace the interconnectedness of all life, for children to grow in knowledge, compassion and harmony with the world around them."

Revised - Kate Smith
Revised - Kelly Blenkinsop-Clarke

Kelly Blenkinsop-Clarke:
How active storytelling can promote and develop essential language and literacy skills

"My name is Kelly Blenkinsop-Clarke. I am a passionate and patient fulltime Nursery Higher Learning Teaching Assistant and mother of 3, on a learning journey to continually develop my knowledge, understanding and skills, both personally and professionally. I have 9 years’ experience working alongside teachers, children and families in a classroom setting within the Foundation Phase. I am currently completing a part time BA degree in Early Years Education and Care. I have a passion for learning and developing my knowledge, understanding and skills. This is to ensure I meet the needs of all children and that I am able to support them in reaching their full potential."

Lauren Lewis:
The importance of storytelling in supporting children’s language and literacy in the early years

"I am currently in my final year of study at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David studying Early Years Education and Care: Early Years Practitioner Status. I have a total of eight years' experience within the childcare sector, and I am passionate about the role I play within children's education and care."

Revised - Lauren Lewis
Revised - Mikki Barrett

Mikki Barrett:
Critical Analysis of Globalisation within Early Childhood Education and Care

"As an early childhood undergraduate student, my interests lay within discourses of Early Childhood Education and Care practices on both a national and international level. I hope to complete my postgraduate study in education research design and methodology in order to work towards a change in education."

Rebecca Stevens:
“There’s no time for a story today”: Why time should always be made for storytelling

"A paper focusing on the importance of storytelling for the Early Years, including an insight into why using repetition, onomatopoeia and props are important to develop children’s language and literacy skills."

Revised - Rebecca Stevens
Revised - Rhian Evans

Rhian Evans:
How Shared Stories May Promote Children’s Early Literacy and Language Development in a Digital Era

"My name is Rhian. I am a 39-year-old mother of two young boys. I have worked as a classroom assistant for twenty years and have achieved HLTA status. I am currently in the third year of a degree in Early Years Education and Care: Practitioner Status at The University of Wales Trinity Saint David and I have enjoyed putting what I have learnt into practice. It has elevated my knowledge of holistic child development and inspired me to research shared stories in a modern digital era."

Ruby McLellan:
How the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the issues of domestic violence and child abuse

"I’m a second year student at the University of Chichester. I would like to work at a forest school one day as I think the approach is truly child-centred and allows them to take risks that they would otherwise not have encountered in a standard setting."

Revised - Ruby McLellan
Revised - Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans:
Importance of storytelling

"My name is Sarah Evans and I am a level 5 student studying Early Years Education and Care at The University of Wales Trinity Saint David. I have always had an interest in studying the Early Years, but I have never had the confidence to pursue my ambition until I had my daughter. Through this degree I have gained an insight into how important language and literacy is for children’s developmental needs, reading to children can expand their knowledge and improve their cognitive development and my aspiration is to support children in ensuring they reach their full potential."

Sinead John:
Storytelling - The Importance of Storytelling on Early Childhood Literacy and Language Development

"I am a 32 year old mother of two wonderful children. I have worked as a Learning Support Officer in primary schools for 15 years. I am truly passionate about the holistic wellbeing of children and I also love being out in the natural environment. I am currently working in a nursery within a school setting and studying Early Years Education and Care with University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the evenings. The degree has been an invaluable experience which has deepened my knowledge and awareness of early childhood education and care."

Revised - Sinead John
Revised - Stacy Lister

Stacy Lister:
An in-setting display and how it promotes play based learning 

"I am Stacy and I am studying Early Childhood Studies with the Graduate Practitioner Status pathway at the University of Hull. I have worked in education as a Teaching Assistant and Nursery Nurse and wanted to develop my knowledge further with a view to potentially progress onto a post-graduate education, including teacher training."

Tasnim Rahman:
Children, Culture and Globalisation: A case study response 

"My name is Tasnim Rahman. My academic focus is on early years education, followed by my extensive experience working in the education sector with children. At present, I am nearing the end of my BA Honours degree in Early Childhood Studies at the University of East London. I am particularly interested in exploring the way gender is examined in the early years and currently conducting my dissertation project on this topic. My degree has provided me with valuable theoretical foundations that enhance my knowledge in the sector."

Tasnim Rahman