student publications: 2017

We are proud to offer you a Showcase of ECS Students Work, published in 2017

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Charlotte Hunt: A Reflection on your Professional Development
"I am in my first year at Norland College and have encountered many beneficial experiences through practical placements and written assignments, on which I have reflected in this article. I was inspired to become a Norland Nanny while I was volunteering at an orphanage in India in the Summer of 2014. Before starting at Norland College, I took a gap year working at a Girls’ Boarding School in Perth, Australia in both the Junior School and Boarding House. Both of these opportunities abroad gave me valuable learning experiences before starting at Norland."

Simmran Singh: Developing Leadership in the Early Years
"My name is Simmran Singh and I have recently graduated with an BA (Hons) in Early Years and Childhood Studies at The Manchester Metropolitan University. I am currently working as a youth worker where I provide support and implement activities for children and young people, aged 11+. I also volunteer for two charity organisations, NSPCC/ChildLine and 42nd Street where these roles have given me a range of opportunities to gain new skills and enhance my personal development. I am looking forward to progress in further study in an MA in Social Work where I would like a career in children’s social services specialising in children’s mental health."

Dane Pollard: Can Technology Revolutionise Pedagogy in the Early Years?
"I am studying an Early Years and Childhood Studies degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am hoping to continue my study after completing my degree and look forward to a career as a primary school teacher. 

Pollyanna Whitehead: Report on Research Findings - An Evaluation and Analysis of Family Service Provision
"My name is Pollyanna Whitehead and I studied at Norland College from 2013 – 2016, recently graduating with a first class honours degree in Early Years Development and Learning. I am now working as a private nanny in London, whilst completing my Norland Diploma. I am looking to complete further study, specialising in social policy and family services, with the goal of pursuing a career in this field.". 

Verity Brown: Animal Assisted Intervention - What is the Impact on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Social Development?
"My name is Verity Brown; I have just completed my BA honours degree at Norland College, and am currently working as a nanny. My childcare career started 6 years ago when I enrolled at the College of Richard Collyer where I studied CACHE level 3 childcare and education. After completing my childcare course at college I took a year out before starting at Norland College to work part time at a pre-school and to nanny for a little boy, during this time my passion as a nanny really flourished. My childcare career has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to the many years ahead in my chosen career.". 

Marianne Adams: Reflection on an Aspect of Practice / The Role of the Student Practitioner
" I am currently a second year student at Norland College, studying for a degree in Early Years Development and Learning. As part of my course I have the opportunity to experience a wide range of placements, as well as nannying and babysitting in my spare time. This has given me diverse toolset to work with many different ages and developmental stages which I have drawn on in this paper.".