Aims for Research

To offer an opportunity for ECSDN members to share their research with each other

To enable the opportunity for development of shared research projects

To enable members to build opportunities for the creation of joint presentation e.g. EECERA self-organised symposia

To create opportunities for members to collaborate on publication


Early Childhood Studies Degrees: developments

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ECSDN Research Conference - January 2019

The second ECSDN conference which took place in London was a resounding success. For this conference, ECS students and academics were invited to submit abstracts based on their early childhood research for peer-review. The standard of the abstracts was excellent, as were the presentations on the day. Of the 20 presenters, half were students who in many cases were disseminating their work for the first time. The content of the research covered a range of subjects, including health, pedagogy, assessment, research ethics and approaches, gender and the workforce. You can access the abstract book which includes summaries of the presentations here. The day commenced with a keynote by Sue Greenfield from Roehampton University. Sue gave a thought-provoking presentation, and we are grateful to her for setting the reflective tone for the day.

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The students' presentations were excellent, they shared their findings from research that they conducted in practice and clearly demonstrated the impact graduate practitioners can have in developing excellent practice. Those members whose students presented have every right to be exceedingly proud of their professionalism, confidence and enthusiasm. In turn, the students expressed their gratitude for being given the opportunity to share their work in an inclusive, friendly and supportive environment. Delegates at the conference who teach ECS students were left feeling that the future of early childhood research in safe in the next generation of practitioners. We are grateful to everyone who attended and already looking forward to next year's conference.

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"All I can say is fabulous!"

"Thought provoking and absolutely amazing"

"... we have some wonderful people making waves in early childhood"

"A very good mix of presentations - all equally interesting"

"Administration was very effective"

"The admin support was very supportive and efficient"

"Communication was excellent"

" As a Principal Lecturer I will be encouraging students to attend in future, and will incorporate this in to my teaching" Really made me reflect on my research is a tiny project but the many implications it can bring" "Feeling energised, many ideas and lots of rethinking" "making connections with other like minded professionals"

"The students were fantastic! So great to see the next generation of researchers emerging" 

"Thank you for a fabulous day" 

" Encouraging and informative - lots to think about"

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