Publication: eBook – Child Centred Competencies for Early Childhood Education and Care

By Dr Verity Barr, University of Plymouth

Following ECSDN support with the child-centred conference with Early Education we are sharing the e-book that went live for the start of the academic year. There are also all the resources that were created (including the video shown at the end of the conference), so hopefully there’s something for everyone.

Click on the link below to access the book and resources:

Also, if you do access the book and resources, could you complete an Evaluation which you can access from the following link: Thank you.


Note: This evaluation is part of a European cross national research project, focusing on Child-Centred Competence for Early Childhoold Education and Care. The evaluation relates to the e-book produced in 2021 as part of the Erasums+ project Child-Centred Competence for Early Childhood Education and Care. The results from the evaluation will be used as part of the final project report that will be shared with the project partners* and on the project website. By taking part in this survey, you are consenting to us using the data in our final evaluation report and as evidence of the impact of the E-Book and associated resources. The survey is anonymous, therefore you will not be able to withdraw your answers at a later date because it will not be possible to identify them. Data will be GDPR compliant, with all data being stored on a password protected site on the University of Plymouth. Data will only be accessible to the research team.