Press Release: Birth to Five Matters

Press Release: 28th September 2021

Birth to 5 Matters guidance downloaded more than 100,000 times
In the six months since its launch, the Birth to 5 Matters non-statutory guidance to support implementation of the EYFS has been downloaded over 100,000 times from the website. In addition, over 30,000 printed copies have been sold by Early Education, Early Years Alliance and NDNA to their members and the wider sector.

The guidance was developed by the Early Years Coalition in response to demand from the sector and has been enthusiastically received by practitioners.

A series of videos has recently been added to the website to support practitioners with key topics including curriculum, assessment, the characteristics of effective learning and supporting children with English as an Additional Language. These reflect the areas where practitioners have asked for additional support.

Chair of the Early Year Coalition, Beatrice Merrick, said:
“We have been delighted by the sector’s enthusiasm for Birth to 5 Matters, and the high level of engagement and take up of the guidance. It’s a real testament to the hard work of the 100 members of our working groups, and those who gave feedback in our consultation process, as well as the project team who drew the guidance together, that so many practitioners are now finding this guidance a useful and practical tool to support their delivery of the EYFS Statutory Framework.”

Birth to 5 Matters project co-ordinator, Donna Gaywood, said:
“Birth to 5 Matters offers practitioners a real choice and an opportunity to think carefully about what they are trying to achieve with children. Right the way across the sector the principles and values of Birth to 5 Matters have been welcomed with high numbers using the guidance to support and inform their everyday practice. This is good for children, good for practitioners and good for the Early Years sector.”

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