LGBTQIA+ Early Years Awareness Week & Magazine

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Dear ECSDN Colleagues

I want to share the LGBTQIA+ Early Years working group which includes lots of professionals within the Early Years steering forwards the discussions around representation. The LGBTQIA+ Early Years working group needs our continual discussion on representation and the unique child. It is an exciting time for us all.

So, on Monday the 22nd of February we are launching the LGBTQIA+ Early Years Magazine which has articles, reflections and case studies discussing all aspects of representation in the Early Years. You can get involved by coming to the launch on Monday Evening at 6pm but continuing with the activities, webinars, and podcasts during the week to raise a continual awareness and ongoing discussion. You can download the magazine from the website for free. We also have physical copies which are going to be provided to settings that have a low income to support their CPD. This magazine would be a great addition to the Early Childhood Studies students journey, and we hope that you can share this across your team, students, and colleagues.

I have attached a Twitter Banner which can also be used in your signature of your emails. Please do share them and use them across Social Media. I look forward to hearing what you think of the magazine, please do get involved and get others involved too, and I wish you all the best.

Kind Regards

Aaron Bradbury BA Hons, MEd, PGCE, NPQICL, SFHEA, FSET (HE/HIM)
Principal Lecturer Childhood and Early Years
Nottingham Institute of Education