Graduate Perspectives Conference

ECSDN and Sefdey Conference at the Nursery World Show

The ECSDN and Sefdey are bringing together a day of keynote speakers at the Nursery World Show on the 3rd February.

The main focus will be on creative pedagogies within Early Childhood. The day has been developed to support Early Years and Early Childhood undergraduate and postgraduate students in supporting their leadership and reflection of creative pedagogies within an ever-changing landscape.

The day will support our next pedagogical leaders within the early childhood workforce and promises to be a day of great discussion and networking for students and higher education colleagues who are members of both the ECSDN and Sefdey to support the development of working with and building positive outcomes for children 0-8 years.

The sessions are free to attend for students and graduates

Please find here a link to access the graduate perspectives programme.


SEFDEY is a professional association intended to provide a ‘voice’ for early years and to endorse the quality of Foundation Degrees offered within the sector.