Graduate Employment Opportunities in Germany

Virtual Presentation and Reminder

Details from Linda Mentner, re Early Years Employment Opportunity 2021 – Virtual Presentation & Reminder, shared by Philippa Thompson, ECSDN Chair.

Graduate Employment opportunities in Germany for ECS students ( we have had amazing feedback from one of our students who went out for this experience 3 years ago and is still working there):

A message from Linda Mentner :

I have just sent out the email inserted below to all universities as I believe that it is probably easiest for the link to my video to be shared and students can watch it in their own time (teaching timetables seem to be rather crowded these days and many universities do not manage to fit me in for a presentation). I would therefore be grateful if you could also forward the video to students in case this may attract further applicants...

Wishing you a lovely week!

Graduate Employment Opportunities pme Familienservice.mp4

Dear All,

I hope this email finds you well and healthy!

The pandemic still has a tight grip on all of us and at the moment it seems hard for many students in their final year to imagine it being possible to go abroad for anything at all, let alone employment. It is clear that many potential applicants are worried about if and how they will be able to return home to visit their family and friends. Therefore advertising our employment opportunity has been very slow-going this year.

So far, I only have one application for our roles starting from August and I would really like to try and gain more interest.

I understand that in the light of current circumstances some universities may have qualms about advertising travel abroad to their students, but from our experience in August 2020 I can tell you that despite the lockdown the move was very smooth for the graduate who joined us back then and she has been settling in well, happy that she can continue working and to have some kind of normality. Also, all students in their final year do need some perspective for what they will be doing after their studies and I believe it can also offer some reassurance that employment opportunities can still arise for them and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

As an employer we have been supporting our staff members throughout the pandemic by providing medical masks and free rapid tests which staff members can use at work if they are worried about their health or notice symptoms. We have also set up a group counselling offer to all English Speakers who are struggling with the added challenge of not being able to visit their families. Additionally, in Germany, early years practitioners and teachers have been moved up on the list of priorities for vaccinations so we will be able to get vaccinated from next week and our practitioners have been booking their appointments already.

Since virtual live presentations are not always possible within your teaching timetable, I have compiled everything in a video which I am hereby sending you the link to and I would be extremely grateful if you could share this with your students. I had already got this video together last week but because of technical difficulties, I am only able to make it available to you today.

Graduate Employment Opportunities pme Familienservice.mp4

It would be fantastic if you could send out the promotional email (attached to this email once more) along with this link if you have not done so yet. Otherwise, I would be very obliged if you could send out a reminder to students with the link above and let them know that our application period will close at the end of March.

I would be further grateful for any feedback so that I have an idea as to how many classes this information was shared. And if you do want to arrange for a live presentation, please get in touch too.

Thank you so much for your support and I really hope that things will improve soon for all of us!

Warm regards,

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