Friday 29th October on Social Media

A Free Online Event by Aaron Bradbury (Early Years Reviews) and Juls Davies (EY Matters) collectively known as Early Childhood at the Heart #ECAtTheHeart

We want to share with you an exciting Social Media event that is scheduled for Friday 29th October 2021 to celebrate the voices, blogs and articles of the Early Years / Early Childhood Sector and would be grateful if you could help us promote via your networks and audiences so as many people as possible can get involved.


Join with us on your preferred Social Media Channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) to celebrate the knowledge, community practice and voices within the Early Years / Early Childhood sector on Friday 29th October 2021.

This sector is renowned for the many individuals that are passionate about the work that is carried out in caring for the our future generations in their most formative years and we want you to share a blog (or blogs) that you have found particularly inspiring, informative, or representative of the sector, the situations we encounter, the workforce, the issues that we face or something that you feel particularly passionate about. This could be written by you or another.

To get involved, simply post a link to the published blog with our special hash-tag #EYBLOGFEST2021 and also look out for others who post and then we can all share together. This is a chance to fill social media with the celebration of our industry and the special people that form and support the Workforce no matter their role, background or how they are involved. This event is also to promote the diversity and inclusion of those in the sector. We would be grateful if you would share the event and most importantly take part and share your blogs and articles too on the day. Just add the hashtag to your tweets and posts. It’s that simple.


Here is a link to the page on how to get involved

For more information, please contact either Aaron Bradbury of Early Years Reviews or Juls Davies of EY Matters.