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At Siren Films we've been working hard over the last 18 months to ensure Universities and colleges across the UK & further afield had rich content to use for online lectures/ tutorials for their degrees in Early Childhood & Early Education.

We would like to offer the Early Childhood Studies Network a special deal:
Sign up to one of our educational packages and have the summer to browse and get to know some of the 380+ clips for FREE
(a saving of over £260) In September we will then bill you for the annual subscription.

Alex Sabine from Portsmouth University signed up to the Clip Library last year- this is what he had to say about it:
" Having a subscription to Siren Films Clip Library has enabled us to make theory come to life, with real-life examples that have been carefully developed and selected by the team at Siren Films. Some of the videos include a narrative exposition to accompany the video observation and these can be helpful and insightful - it was always lovely to see our own teaching echoed in the commentaries.

The videos also include examples without academic narratives, and these are helpful for students when developing their observation, assessment, and planning skills and for picking up some examples of best practice for children of all ages. Some of the videos also include academic content associated with the content and this is extremely beneficial for planning. I have used the lines of questioning when planning breakout groups in seminars and these have generated really clear and insightful responses from students. Fantastic! "

Our Clip Library is used by over 500 academic institutions nationally and internationally. Regular feedback like Alex's indicates that it is a highly effective way for students to learn about child development and develop the skills and knowledge needed to work with young children.

There are over 380 clips, (170 of which are observation clips without a voice over) and we are adding new content on a regular basis. The Education Packages are made for professionals delivering training with additional access for their learners. The packages comprise of Early Education Professional Memberships and learner accounts. Learners are able to use the clip library materials for their own educational purposes. You can learn more about the Education Packages here: www.sirenfilms.co.uk/pricing

We recently asked Aaron Bradbury Principal Lecturer from Nottingham Trent University, to check out our new footage all about COEL- here is what he said:
" Love how Siren have made these clips feel as if we are there with the children. I also feel that COEL gets mixed up and these videos have helped reinforce what they are and how they can be used effectively"

Check out all the new COEL clips here: www.sirenfilms.co.uk/library

We hope you will take advantage of this offer, its exclusively for ECDSN members who are new to Siren.
Please contact: katrina@sirenfilms.co.uk for further details

Please contact your Lead Member for ECSDN to ask them to submit your details for Member Access to the website.

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