Event: Early Childhood Book Club

This event is open to academics and students

A chance to meet and discuss Early Years Educational Theorists with the Editors of "Early Childhood Theories Today"

About this event
There's never been a more important time than now to understand and be able to articulate what shapes our practice in Early Years.

There is an increasing amount of "Top - down" pressure to move towards more formalised practice in settings and schools, and yet as Early Years practitioners we know that our youngest children's needs are different to 7, 8 and 9 year olds.

Our book "Early Childhood Theories Today" sets out to explore some of the more well known and contemporary theorists who influence our practice. Each chapter looks at a different Theorist and explores how their work might support and influence our work today.

The book club provides an opportunity to discuss each chapter and theorist in depth, and to explore the pedagogical questions posed by the authors in a safe and supportive environment with other colleagues.

The book club will last for an hour and there will be a general discussion followed by breakout rooms to discuss the questions in smaller groups.

September book club
Chapter One - Stephen Bavolek
Please read the chapter prior to joining the book club