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The ECSDN Strategy Groups

Sitting below the Executive of the ECSDN, there are five Strategy Groups that look closely at issues within the Early Childhood Sector relating to the areas that they cover. Please see below, details of these groups, the Vice-Chair responsible and the current members.

We are currently developing pages for each of these groups to share more information relating to their focus and also news of their activities. 

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
The Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network is an ever-evolving network which campaigns for a high-status early childhood graduate profession. We have a commitment to valuing and respecting the diversity of everyone including undergraduates, graduates, academics, and our external partners within the network and making sure that this is put at the heart of our mission and aim of the network

Advisory executive member: Dr Sharon Colilles, University of the West of England

ECSDN Strategy Group Page Image - Policy

Policy, Lobbying and National Advocacy 
A holistic approach to providing critical perspectives on, and a forum for, the advancement of appropriate early childhood policies, initiatives, and legislation.

Co-Vice Chairs: Dr Helen Simmons; University of Derby, Emma Twigg, University of Derby; 
Members: Julie Jones, Calderdale College; Marie Bradwell, Plymouth Marjon University; Nyree Nicholson, Bishop Grosseteste University

ECSDN Strategy Group Page Image - Research

Research Knowledge Exchange
To support the next generation of graduate professionals to make positive contributions to the care and education of babies, young children and their families, through research and dissemination.

Co-Vice Chairs: Dr Eva Mikuska, University of Chichester; Dr Jackie Musgrave, The Open University
Members: Dr Jo Josephidou, The Open University; Dr Tim Clark; University of the West of England, Bristol; Dr Jo Traunter, University of Hull; Dr Carla Solvason, University of Worcester;  Zoe Lewis, Birmingham City University

ECSDN Strategy Group Page Image - Sustainability

Share and promote information that illustrates how a graduate led workforce can contribute  the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so that graduate professionals are proactive in campaigning for and implementing provision likely to lead to a more sustainable planet.

Co-Vice Chairs: Diane Boyd, Liverpool John Moores University; Dr Martin Needham, Manchester Metropolitan University
Members: Angela Scollan, Middlesex University; Diana Harris, University of Greenwich;  Kerrie Lee, University of Hull; Pamela Calder, ECSDN Honorary President

ECSDN Strategy Group Page Image - Workforce

Workforce and Professionalism
The Workforce and Professionalism Strategy group aims to promote confident, competent and knowledgeable students that graduate with Early Childhood Studies degrees. We aim, as a strategy group, to advocate for all ECS students and graduates using the knowledge of the group membership to promote the professionalisation of the early childhood workforce.

Vice Chairs: Professor Verity Campbell-Barr, University of Plymouth
Members: Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen, Roehampton University; Andrea Yankah, Roehampton University; Catriona Rogers, Stranmillis University; Fay Albans-Ross, Nottingham Trent University; Gayle Blackburn, University of Sunderland; Michelle Wisbey, Anglia Ruskin University; Samantha Hoyes, Bishop Grosseteste University; Selena Hall, University of Wolverhampton; Louise Hannan, University Centre Somerset