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Dr. Jackie Musgrave, Nikki Fairchild & Helen Perkins

Sixth Call for Student Papers – June 2019

Objective: To support and promote the ECSDN student voice and showcase students’ engagement with contemporary childhood and children’s workforce issues.

This is the sixth call from the Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network (ECSDN) for student papers to be submitted for publication on our website.

We have been very pleased with the response to date, please see the papers that have been published so far below.

The requirements are for the student publications are as follows:

  • L4 Reflection on an aspect of practice/ the role of the student practitioner:  Word limit 1000-1500
  • L5 View or commentary on a contemporary issue: Word limit 2000 – 2500
  • L6 Report on leading practice underpinned by research:  Word limit 3000 – 3500
  • L7 Report on author’s recent or current research findings: Word limit 4000 – 4500 

The submission date is  Friday 28th June 2019

(next call will be 28th February 2020)

Criteria for selection:

  • Relevance of topic or theme in the context of Early Childhood Studies
  • Use of appropriate sources from literature
  • Satisfactory quality of academic writing.
  • For M level submission the work must be based on a small piece of original research. This can draw upon documentary evidence or original data. The submission must include a brief justification of research methodology used.
  • All students must seek approval from their course or programme leader (or equivalent) prior to submission.
  • Programme Leaders must confirm with the selection committee that they have approved the submission by signing the application. (See below for the Submission Form)  


 2019 Published Papers

  Catherine Birchal, Norland College

Catherine-Birchall-Inclusion-in-Mainstream-Primary-Schools-for-Children-with-ASD (1)

My name is Catherine Birchall and I am in my second year studying for my degree in Early Years Development and Learning at Norland College, I am also currently a qualified Level 5 Childcare practitioner. Prior to this I have worked in a main-stream primary school as a Teaching Assistant and had been designated the role of one-to-one support for a little boy with high-functioning ASD. Since that time I have volunteered and had a 6 week placement block in two SEN schools. I have further worked as a nanny in two families that have had children with ASD. I find working with children incredibly rewarding, endearing and brightening.

   Thomas Chambers,University of Greenwich

An exploration of Peru’s education system within a global context

I am currently studying an MA in Education at the University of Greenwich. Having previously completed a PGCE at the same university, I returned after several years to further my professional development. I have experience teaching in several London schools as a reception and nursery teacher and more recently in Peru where I worked at an international school.

 Lauren Edwards

What are we really preparing children for

I am 24 years old. I have graduated with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Early Years from Weston University Centre, partnered with Bath Spa University, and am currently undertaking my Early Years Initial Teacher Training with Bath Spa University. I have worked in early years for 8 years, completing my degree whilst being deputy in my nursery setting and gaining a real critical interest in the sector. Alongside this I have developed a real love for what I do, the ability to have a positive impact on the children I teach is both rewarding and inspiring in itself. I intend on continuing to masters level in the future, hopefully following an interest in young children’s engagement with stories. 

  Beth Wilkinson

Makaton in Early Years

I am current finishing my degree in Early Childhood Studies at Bath Spa University and on track to achieve first class honours. I had 10 years of experience in Early Years settings before starting my degree which gave me a range of knowledge that I have been able to draw on in my studies. I am also working in a setting whilst studying which allows me to implement my learning and see the impact straight away. I am interested in supporting children’s communication and language skills and developing the status and recognition of the Early Years workforce.

    Arianna Ribis

Can disabilities influence a child’s ability to thrive in a diverse society

Living in several developing countries I have always been immersed in a multicultural environment. This has given me the ability to easily adapt to different situations. With this dynamic environment and my ability to interact with my surroundings, I became interested in understanding the future of society’s children. My interest was also fuelled by my desire to understand the complexity of child development. For this reason, I applied for an Early Years and Development degree. Currently in my second year, I have been faced with incredible experiences and look forwards to the upcoming future opportunities!  

   Natasha Heaney                  &              Rebecca McBride                                                   

Gender Inequality in Relation to Global Disparities and Unequal Childhoods

My name is Natasha Heaney and I am from Derry in Northern Ireland. I am currently a level 5 student enrolled upon the Early Childhood Studies degree in Liverpool John Moores University. This degree offers a holistic overview of children and provides a deeper understanding of their learning and development. This is beneficial as I aspire to become an early years teacher. The knowledge and understanding obtained from my studies has supported me in striving to become an effective advocate for babies, young children and families.

My name is Rebecca McBride and I am from Derry, Northern Ireland. I am currently a level 5 student of the Early Childhood Studies degree in Liverpool John Moores University. I am immensely enjoying studying this holistic degree. It has highlighted the importance of early years as the foundation of life and stresses the role of early years practitioners in young children’s learning and development. This degree is providing me with the knowledge and understanding to achieve my dream vocation as a primary school teacher. 


2018 Published Papers

Sam Sheath. A Cross Cultural Analysis Examining Bed Sharing Practices final

My name is Samantha Sheath. I have recently completed a BA in Early Years with the University of Greenwich as a top up student, having graduated previously with an HND in Early Years in 1999. I will be graduating with a first-class honours degree.

I have 20 years of experience working with children and families. I have two young daughters and aim to be a role-model to them showing them hard work, dedication and achievement. I currently work in a Montessori pre-school alongside a voluntary role as a breastfeeding peer supporter in my local community. I am passionate about supporting parents and developing their knowledge. I have a strong interest in social policy and neuroscience. I aim to continue my studies to complete a masters.

Zara Khan publication final

My name is Zara Khan and I am 21 years old. I have a BA honours in Early Childhood Studies and I am enrolling in my PGCE in September. Studying my degree has sparked a deep interest in wanting to advocate for children, especially children with disabilities. This came from the unique opportunity I received to work in a special needs school where I started to learn sign language (I am still currently learning). I hope my teaching career will make a difference to at least one person’s life and allow them to live life to their fullest.

Liona Elliott Analytic Commentary final

Liona is a mature 2nd year student at Roehampton University.  She is interested in the link between early childhood and mental health later in life. Having worked as a practitioner prior to study she is passionate about creating and developing tangible resources to help both parents and children reach their full potential

L Lydia Mountcastle Effective Leadership in Early Childcare Settings ECSDN Submission

I am 24 years old and have just graduated with a first class honours degree in Education Studies at Bath Spa University. Whilst studying I have been working as a respite worker for a variety of children with special educational needs where I provide support in the home and in accessing activities within the local community. I am looking forward to starting a Schools Direct course this year, where I will be training as a primary SEN teacher and intend on specialising to work with children with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

Faye Harvey

Faye Harvey Uni of Wlv

Katie Mckinney

Katie McKinney Contesting Childhood Essay

Amy Stevens

Amy Stevens

Ingrid Miller

Ingrid Miller

Maxime Perrott

Maxime Perrott The features of modern childhood

Rochelle Felix

Exploring Ghanaian Children’s Perception of Friendship

I am 23 years old. While I was born and raised on the island of St. Lucia, I also lived in America, where I earned my Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology. I then moved to England to earn my Master of Arts (MA) in Early Childhood Studies at the University of East London. Now that I have completed my MA, I am working on pursuing a PhD. I would like to be an academic, and to also create an international organisation which works with children according to their needs.

Lynne Hill

JM + Literacies submission lynne Hill

Nina Hajittofi

Nina Hajittofi

Nina Hajittofi; a second year undergraduate student studying for a degree in early childhood studies at the university of Chichester. She enjoys all aspects of child development and has a strong interest in how early experiences can have a major long term impact on children’s lives. Whilst studying she works as a nanny, looking after two teenage girls. In her spare time she enjoys keeping fit and spending time with family and friends.

Maxime Perrott (a)      Maxime Perrott (b)

Maxime Perrott

My name is Maxime Perrott and I am currently studying a Foundation Degree in Early Years with Bath Spa University taught at New College, Swindon. I will be continuing onto the Top-Up BA in Education Studies at Bath Spa in September. After completing my undergraduate I hope to continue onto a masters in Educational Research. I am also working as a Self-employed Nanny and dog walker in the Marlborough area, looking after a range of age groups from toddler through to teenager.

Kristen Stead

The Manipulation of Kristen Stead Play by Society is Constraining the Power of Play to Empower – a position paper

Lois McAteer

lois mc ateer st paper


July 2017 Published Papers

Charlotte Hunt

Charlotte Hunt Reflection Final

Simmran Singh

Simmran Developing Leadership in the Early Years

My name is Simmran Singh and I have recently graduated with an BA (Hons) in Early Years and Childhood Studies at The Manchester Metropolitan University. I am currently working as a youth worker where I provide support and implement activities for children and young people, aged 11+. I also volunteer for two charity organisations, NSPCC/ChildLine and 42nd Street where these roles have given me a range of opportunities to gain new skills and enhance my personal development. I am looking forward to progress in further study in an MA in Social Work where I would like a career in children’s social services specialising in children’s mental health.

Dane Pollard

Dane Pollard Can Technology Revolutionise Pedagogy in the Early Years

I am studying an Early Years and Childhood Studies degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am hoping to continue my study after completing my degree and look forward to a career as a primary school teacher.

I am 29 years old and have just finished my first year at Roehampton University. I was born in London and spent some years of my childhood in Jamaica. After leaving school I qualified in holistic beauty therapy and by 20 managed a skincare counter. However, at 22, I began experiencing some difficulties with my mental health and had to take some time out. I retrained in childcare and at 25 proceeded to work as a practitioner for a families project. Thoroughly enjoying it and wanting to further my knowledge I decided to start University. Because of my own experiences I am very interested in the link between early childhood and mental health. Studying this degree has already provided me with so much understanding and insight and I look forward to the next two years.

January 2017

Pollyanna Whitehead

Pollyanna Report on Research Findings March 2017

My name is Pollyanna Whitehead and I studied at Norland College from 2013 – 2016, recently graduating with a first class honours degree in Early Years Development and Learning. I am now working as a private nanny in London, whilst completing my Norland Diploma. I am looking to complete further study, specialising in social policy and family services, with the goal of pursuing a career in this field.

Verity Brown

VB ECSDN Student submission

My name is Verity Brown; I have just completed my BA honours degree at Norland College, and am currently working as a nanny. My childcare career started 6 years ago when I enrolled at the College of Richard Collyer where I studied CACHE level 3 childcare and education. After completing my childcare course at college I took a year out before starting at Norland College to work part time at a pre-school and to nanny for a little boy, during this time my passion as a nanny really flourished. My childcare career has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to the many years ahead in my chosen career.

Marianne Adams Reflection on an Aspect of Practice (Publication Submission)

Marianne Adams: I am currently a second year student at Norland College, studying for a degree in Early Years Development and Learning. As part of my course I have the opportunity to experience a wide range of placements, as well as nannying and babysitting in my spare time. This has given me diverse toolset to work with many different ages and developmental stages which I have drawn on in this paper.

November 2016


Emma McShane: I am a mature part-time student in my final year of a BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies at Stranmillis University College Belfast.

Emma considers the importance of supporting the development of creativity in the young child

Amber Chadwick: I am twenty years old and come from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. I have been studying at Norland College since 2015 and prior to this completed 3 A-Levels. I am looking forward to a career as a nanny.

Amber reflects on the role of the student practitioner

Amber Chadwick

Caitlin Richardson: I am a Third Year University Student studying Early Childhood (Professional Practice) at the University of Worcester.

I have always been interested in working with children as they are fascinating yet complex little beings and believe any career involving children is therefore likely to be exciting. I currently work at a Nursery in my hometown with children aged 2-3. Although challenging, this job further confirms my aspiration to ensure I am doing everything I can to make sure children are offered the best start in life.