Early Childhood Competencies

*UPDATE*  ECSDN  Workshop for those interested in developing Early Childhood Graduate Practitioner Competencies

At The University of Roehampton on Friday 11th January 2019 from 11.00-16.0 (see events page for more information)

The Rationale for Early Childhood Graduate Practitioner Competencies

A real strength of ECS degrees is the variety of study and career pathways. However, this can present challenges for future employers. Different HEIs use different titles for degrees mapped on to the ECS QAA Benchmark Statement and it is not always clear how the degree maps against sector qualifications. Full and Relevant Criteria in England

The Early Childhood graduate can be counted as ‘Full and Relevant’ in England if:

• They had an Early Years Educator, or equivalent Level 3 qualification before joining the degree.

• Their degree is mapped on to the ECS QAA benchmark with assessed placements.

• It is the responsibility of the HEI to ensure that students have relevant assessed practice that meets the Level 3 requirements.

They cannot be counted as ‘Full and Relevant’ if they do not meet the criteria above. They need to undertake a relevant level 3 qualification.

To proactively address these issues and strengthen degrees with placements, or that are work-based, the ECSDN has collectively developed assessed practice competencies awarded at Level 6. These can be embedded as a pathway option into the ECS degree and HEIs can award Early Childhood Graduate Practitioner to students who successfully meet all the competencies.