Early Childhood Policy Debates

ECSDN shares a wealth of knowledge on policy and practice in the early years in the UK and internationally. ECSDN is keen to share this knowledge and acts as an advocate for children, families and early years practitioners.

9th March 2018   Eva Lloyd Childcare policy and systems

ECSDN IELS event on 8th February 2018   https://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/nursery-world/news/1163580/baby-pisa-study-to-go-ahead-in-autumn

ECSDN IELS Chris Pascal  and Tony Bertram

ECSDN IELS Frances Forsyth

ECSDN IELS Peter Moss and Mathias Urban

ECSDN IELS Rebecca Wheater

24th November 2017   BERA TACTYC workforce development review  Jane Payler

24th June 2017   Aaron Bradbury- Apprenticeships

10th March 2017  Mathias Urban IELS