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24th November 2017

BERA TACTYC workforce development review    Jane Payler

24th June 2017

Aaron Bradbury- Apprenticeships

10th March 2017   

Speaker 1 Mathias Urban- Mathias Urban IELS

AGM 2016      Speaker 1   Peter Moss- Peter Moss Workforce Presentation

8th July 2016     

Speaker 1 Mark Wilkins- Professional Capital

Speaker 2 Mathias Urban- Froebel meets the World Bank

20th May 2016

Speaker 1 – Dr Gabriel Lemkow-Tovias            Professor Educació Infantil, Faculty of Social Sciences, Manresa UVIC- Barcelona, Spain   Lab 0_6 Discovery, Research and Documentation Centre for Scientific       Education in Early Years 

Speaker 2 – ChrissieMeleady Executive of Early Years Equality         Trailblazer Apprenticeships and Early Childhood