25th Anniversary Annual General Meeting

25th Anniversary Annual General Meeting


Friday 23rd November 2018


London Metropolitan University Holloway Road Site

166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB



Room TMG-78

11.00 – 16.30





11.00-11.30      Networking with other members (Tea, coffee and water available)


11.30-11.45      Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence


11.45-12.00      Minutes of the last meeting (AGM)

Matters arising


12.00-12.30      Chair’s Report – Carolyn Silberfeld

Treasurer’s Report – Helena Mitchell

President’s Report – Pamela Calder


Network Reports and Updates from Vice-Chairs

QA processes and developments – Ian Barron and Caroline Leeson

Research developments –Jackie Musgrave and Nikki Fairchild

Workforce and professional issues developments – Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen and Helen Perkins

Communication, Marketing and Website developments – Martin Needham


ECSDN Executive Committee and Strategy Group Elections



12.30-13.15      25th Anniversary Celebratory Lunch



13.15-14.00      Speakers

Professor Eva Lloyd
Professor of Early Childhood and Director of the International Centre for the Study of the Mixed Economy of Childcare (ICMEC) University of East London

Ivana La Valle

Visiting Scholar International Centre for the Study of the Mixed Economy of Childcare (ICMEC) University of East London

Experience of Evaluating the 30-hour Policy Initiative


14.00-15.00      Feedback from Network Members


15.00-15.45      Speaker – Sara Bonetti

Associate Director of Early Years, Education Policy Institute 

The Early Years Workforce: past, present and future


15.45-16.00      Summary of ECSDN Priorities for 2018/2019             

Confirmation of Dates of Future Meetings

Any other business


16.00-16.30      Further networking with speaker and other ECSDN members


 Dates for meetings in 2019


ECSDN AGM:                               22nd November 2019


ECSDN meetings:                        1st March 2019

28th June 2019


Strategy Group meetings:        8th February 2019

17th May 2019

4th October 2019


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