Papers and presentations from Network Meetings


9th March 2018

                                   Eva Lloyd Childcare policy and systems

ECSDN IELS event on 8th February 2018 


24th November 2017

                                    BERA TACTYC workforce development  Jane Payler

24th June 2017 

                                Aaron Bradbury- Apprenticeships

10th March 2017

Speaker 1 Mathias Urban- Mathias Urban IELS

AGM 2016

Speaker 1   Peter Moss-

8th July 2016

                              Speaker 1 Mark Wilkins- Professional Capital

                            Speaker 2 Mathias Urban- Froebel meets the World Bank


20th May 2016

                          Speaker 1 – Dr Gabriel Lemkow-Tovias            Professor Educació Infantil, Faculty of Social Sciences, Manresa UVIC- Barcelona, Spain Lab 0_6 Discovery, Research and Documentation Centre for Scientific  Education in Early Years
                      Speaker 2 – ChrissieMeleady Executive of Early Years Equality         Trailblazer Apprenticeships and Early Childhood