ECSDN Aims for research:

To offer an opportunity for ECSDN members to share their research with each other

To enable the opportunity for development of shared research projects

To enable members to build opportunities for the creation of joint presentation e.g. EECERA self-organised symposia

To create opportunities for members to collaborate on publications

Themes: Early Childhood Studies Degrees: developments

Graduate careers


ECSDN research Grants 2018

Inivatation to tender for a research project of specific relevance to the central mission of the network.

We invite you to bid for the sum of up to £5000 for this study.

The grant is designed to support small teams of research partnerships across different institutions providing Early Childhood Studies (ECS) degrees. Project proposals must have clear, well-defined and independent outcomes.

The application deadline is Monday 14th May 2018 17.00 GMT The Early Childhood Studies Degree Network supports research by Network Members that is linked to the networks core aims.

Invitation to bid for ECSDN grant 2018

ECSDN Research  Conference Jan 5th 2018

Draft Programme for the day

•9.30 Registration and refreshments

•10.00 Welcome and introductions

•10.20 – 12.00 Five sessions of 15 minutes each plus 5 minutes for questions

•12.00-1.15 Lunch and networking

•1.30- 2.10 Visiting Speaker Rod Parker Rees: Writing for publication

•2.15-3.15 4 x 15 minute sessions plus 5 minutes for discussion

•3.15-3.45 Plenary: feedback and future plans

N.B. Only members from paid up institutions can attend

Those who wish to present to be asked to submit an abstract of 150 words by Thursday 30th November. Conference committee to decide review and feedback by Thursday14th December.

Conference programme finalised by Friday 5th January 2018


ECSDN symposium at the EECERA Conference in Bologna September 2017


ECSDN symposium 2017

Sarah Cousins University of Warwick Changes to widen participation in early childhood programmes

Mallika Kanyal Anglia Ruskin University Developing ashamed pedagogical space for and with early childhood studies degree students:Insights fro a participatory project

Faye Stanley Wolverhampton University Developing a sense of belonging: The student experience on an early childhood studies degree

Chair: Beverley Nightingale, University of Suffolk


ECSDN Presents at the Society for Research into Higher Education Conference (SRHE) at the Celtic Manor Hotel in Newport South Wales. Graduates’ Perspectives